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The Critical Care Skills Institute was opened in 2001 in response to a Government White Paper highlighting the need for more critical care beds and training. A Steering Group was formed with representation from each Greater Manchester Trust to develop our first Critical Care Programme, a competency-based course with supporting study days and workbooks. Around the same period, work began on our Acute Illness Management (AIM) course

Since that time our Critical Care Programme has been re-modelled into a collaborative course with Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Met). We have developed an Acute Illness Recognition module for practitioners based in acute areas, likewise as a collaborative course with Manchester Met. Our AIM course is delivered in hospitals around the country under licence agreement


Critical Care Programme & Acute Illness Recognition

Information about our academic courses

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Critical Care Programme Student Area (Password Protected)

Information for students actively on the Critical Care Programme

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AIR Course Student Area (Password Protected)

Information for students actively on the AIR Course

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Acute Illness Management (AIM)

Information about the background and development of AIM, course outcomes, AIM licence-agreements

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AIM Licence-Holder Area (Password Protected)

Information on ordering of materials and AIM Train the Trainers

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Practice Educators (Password Protected)

Information and documents relevant to our Greater Manchester Practice Educators

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Collaborative Development (Password Protected)

Information for those working on course revalidation

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