Introducing the Team

The Critical Care Skills Institute is led by Manager Samantha Cook, and supported by Administrator Yvonne Burgess.

There are 14 Practice Educators based across the Greater Manchester Trusts who work as a team in the delivery and development of our academic courses, as well as supporting staff from their own units who are undertaking or preparing for entry onto the Critical Care Programme. Depending on the needs of the Trust and staff numbers educator roles can vary, with some dividing their time between education and clinical, others more predominantly concentrating on staff education and working clinical as and when required. All of our educators are from a critical care background and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their area. Their contribution to the Critical Care Programme includes supporting sub-groups such as the enrolment team, providing academic support to students on the course, marking team, competency team.

For Acute Illness Management (AIM), there is a lead in each Trust who is responsible for the quality of their local AIM courses and adherence to the AIM Quality Strategy. As the course has expanded, AIM Leads within Greater Manchester are predominantly from Clinical Education, or from the local Outreach Team. Larger Trusts have separate leads for Maternal and Paediatric AIM where these are delivered.