Important reading prior to download of GM TILS resources

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The Greater Manchester Major Trauma Network has worked with hospital sites across the region to develop the GM Trauma Intermediate Life Support Course.

Before downloading the following resources please read our terms and conditions below:

The following resources are for the use in hospitals across Greater Manchester and may, on occasion, require updating. As agreed at the Lead nurses Forum (17th December 2019) in the event of a required update an alert will be issued via email to all hospital sites along with a temporary suspension of the affected material on the GM MTN website. Following a 14 day email discussion period new guidance will be issued and there will be an alert placed against the affected guidance to draw attention to the fact there is an updated version to download and that previous versions should be replaced.

All guidance issued will be reviewed annually in its entirety through the Lead Nurses Group (or prior on agreed dates when published research/guidance from a credible source dictates information requires updating). This is to ensure all information provided is evidence based, relevant and safe.

The Greater Manchester Major Trauma Network is unable to take responsibility for the distribution of outdated guidance.

It is therefore the responsibility of each site to ensure that materials distributed to staff members are current, relevant and up to date.

By clicking below on the link below you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above.