Preventing major trauma

As well as ensuring appropriate pathways are in place for patients who have suffered major trauma, the Network also has a responsibility to look at how major trauma can be prevented.  Below are some examples of our prevention work:

Road Safety

Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash on the road in the main due to their inexperience and a lack of awareness of the risks involved.  Around 1 in 4 deaths on the road are drivers aged 17- 24.  ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive‘ is produced by a road safety partnership which includes Thames Valley & Hampshire Police forces, local councils, and emergency services. These parties work together to reduce the number of people dying on the roads  by raising awareness of the risk of driving with their campaign ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive‘.  Events are held regularly to promote road safety among young drivers with stories from the emergency services, patients and family members who have been affected by road traffic accidents. Events are held locally in Greater Manchester, more information can be found on their web site.

Violence Reduction

Established in October 2019, the GM Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) brings together health professionals, government officials,  community leaders and the Police to tackle the underlying causes of knife and violent crime. The Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit aims to:

  • Work with schools to increase awareness of the consequences of violent crime
  • Identify young people at risk of violent crime
  • Develop a community-led approach to prevention and early intervention
  • Increase targeted police activity on transport routes and in city centres
  • Work with academics at the Manchester Metropolitan University to develop a clearer picture of the causes of violent crime

Funded from the Home Office’s Serious Violence Fund, the £3.3 million pledged to the Greater Manchester VRU comes alongside £4.8 million set aside to increase the police response to violent crime. This increased police response will include more patrols, weapon sweeps and enhanced enforcement activity across the city-region.

The initiative has a newly appointed Violence Reduction Clinical Lead whose primary responsibilities will be coordinating a prevention strategy and response to data collected throughout Greater Manchester.